Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Its Officially Winter

There are certain ways I can tell that Winter has arrived, besides the obvious colder weather and grey skies. I tend to have more of a few things in Winter, specifically, split ends, laundry, and mugs. I get more split ends due to using my hair dryer day in and day out instead of my normal drip dry technique. I have more laundry, mainly because I tend to wear socks everyday when its cold, but also because I layer up. I end up having 100% more socks and twice and many shirts in the hamper (or spread over the floor).

Of particular interest to this post, being that its a
food blog and all, is the marked increase in the number of mugs that I have to wash on a semi-daily basis. In addition to my usual cup or twp of coffee in the mornings, I treat myself to several hot cups of tea when I get home from campus. If I have been especially good I get to have hot cocoa. In the summer months, granted I am normally in a foreign country, I usually dont drink anything from a mug at all. Why risk heating up the apartment?

These days, when the days get shorter, I can use a total of 3 mugs a day and have a grand total of 9 mugs in my sink (should I happen to not wash dishes for a few days). When you have the potential for having that many mugs laying around it is especially important to have a favorite one or two. I have four favorite mugs though they all have the same design. I love them because they are anthropological and I am a nerd that way. It has the various words for coffee used all over the world. I also like the fact that the inner portion is the same color as how I take my coffee - with cream. The mug also happens to be the perfect size. I am notorious for not finishing a cup because I only drink it when its the optimal temperature. There always seems to be a half-filled mugs sitting by my laptop when I am not using one of my favorites.

Share your favorite mugs with me! Send me a picture and I will post them in an upcoming entry.


Beverly said...

Ooooh fun! I have one with a Curious George grabbing a banana (shut up) at the bottom. I guess it doesn't go well with beverages that have to be stirred, but it's nice with tea (since I don't take sugar or milk in my tea) -- you can see a wee little monkey sitting at the bottom of the mug! I'll take a pic of it for ya.

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