Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Gorgonzola and Pear Quiche

My relationship with dairy is such that should I ever become lactose intolerant I would seriously question the point of living, seriously.

Just as the weather had spurred me to make custardy tapioca, the weather had also been my inspiratio
n behind my gorgonzola purchase. Somehow the pungent cheese makes me think of being warm inside on a cold winter day which is quite odd considering I grew up in Los Angeles where it rarely gets below 65, but then, I guess its all relative.

Well on my way to a paved road to hell, I had
bought some pears in an attempt to be healthier. Lucky for me they werent already moldy, but they had gotten too soft for me to enjoy eating raw. I figured that I had always heard good things about blue cheese and pear combinations and decided to have a go at it myself.

Gorgonzola and Pear Quiche

2 medium pears
1 shallot

hunk of gorgonzola

3 eggs

1/4 cup cream

frozen pie crust


9 inch pie tin

Preheat the oven to 350.

Defrost the pie crust and roll into the pie tin (you could
frou it up by making it from scratch if you really wanted).
Peel and halve the pears, removing the core.
Slice the pears almost all the way through. Arrange the pears neatly in the pie crust.

Chop or crumble the gorgonzola into the spaces aro
und the pears.
rinkle the diced shallot over the pie and season with salt and pepper.
Whisk together eggs and cream. Pour the eggs into the pie.

Bake for 25 minutes or until the eggs solidify.
Allow the pie to cool. Serve and swoon!
(I think the eggs are so yellow because I bought them at the farmers market this last week instead of the grocery store - very yellow yolks)

This is not only the prettiest food item I have ever made, but it may also be the best tasting flavor combination that I have made in a while. I happen to like all the food I cook myself, but there was something special about this. Maybe it was the fact that I dont often splurge on fancy cheese. Maybe everything was just going right on that particular morning, who knows, but it was such a regal taste. I had leftovers for breakfast several mornings, and though it wasnt as pretty as the first day (the pears continued to get brown), it still tasted very good.

My aunts and my mom and I are getting together the Saturday after Thanksgiving for an all day event of christmas cookie and candy baking. I have heard that we will be doing breakfast together; maybe I should suggest this?!


Patricia Scarpin said...

Sarah, I love quiche, love pears and love cheese. This is perfect for me! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi -

is it a 1/4 cup of cream?

Anonymous said...

Next time, fan your pears for a more artsy look. It looks great! Yes, if you have time bring it on Saturday morning...

Katy said...

Gorgonzola is SO yummy -- this looks amazing! it's like my favorite salad as a quiche! :-)