Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Variations on a Gnocchi

The problem with frozen meals is that they are rarely the right size for me. The frozen meals I am specifically refering to are those that come in a bag, not the budget gourmet type meals in the subdivided plates. Those kind dont set box in my freezer. Most of the ones I have are from Trader Joes and consist of bell pepper farfalle, chimichurri rice, thai carrots, or the subject of this post - Gnocchi alla Sorrentina. I do apologize for the blurry shot, but all the others were worse (yes, its possible!).

So, instead of finishing the entire package of food as I have in the past, I am making a conscious effort to make it into two meals. This is somewhat difficult for me since I get bored with food easily and dont like to eat the same thing twice in a row. I have managed to find a way around my little problem, at least with the TJs Gnocchi.

First, I defrost and cook the gnocchi via package directions and eat about half of whats in the pan. Then, as any grad student is want to do, I leave it in the pan until dinner time at which point I magically revive the sad little gnocchis with some Tomato and Roasted Bell Pepper soup. The pasta sauce for the gnocchis adds a little pizazz to the soup and makes for a wonderfully delicious and easy dinner meal.


bri said...

Fun. I have eyed TJs gnocchi, but never bought it. Good to know it's tasty. The red pepper soup they have is good, but I'm sure, way more interesting with little dumplings for something to chew on.

Jim said...

I've avoided eating gnocchi because I knew I'd have to make it for myself. This sounds like a promising alternative!

Pam said...

I lived off that stuff in college - the gnocchi was definitely the best.

Josh said...

Is anyone going to comment on the choice of books used as a background?

Sarah C. said...

Josh: You are the brave one apparently. I have over 400 clicks to my site based on that photo alone, and only your comment regarding the "interesting" background.
I am afraid the answer isnt as interesting...I am an archaeologist. I do a lot of work with analyzing ceramics and as such I have lots of books on pots. Ones happens to be Sex Pots by Paul Mathieu. Its a worthy purchase!