Thursday, October 25, 2007

Butter Sauce is Too Oily for Me

Inspired by several postings on tastespotting, I used the frozen sweet potato gnocchi that I had made several weeks ago and whipped up some browned butter sauce. While the sauce was very gourmet and full of frou ingredients. I think I did everything correctly in making the sauce, but it ended up being too oily for me and I would have rather just put all the same ingredients in a quick cream sauce. I guess its just a matter of personal taste. You can let me know if there is something I should have done...

Browned Butter Sauce

10 fresh, small sage leaves

1/4 cup crushed walnuts

1/2 lemon of zest

2 T. cream

4 T. butter

2 hand fulls of fresh spinach

Add the butter to a warm pan and let brown without stirring. Once browned reduce the heat (so the cream doesnt curdle) and add the sage, walnuts, and zest. Once t
he heat had reduced a bit add the cream. Quickly add the spinach and stir into the sauce. Top with pasta of your choice and some fresh parm.

It tasted pretty good but left an oily feeling in my mouth that really just made me feel like I needed a shower. Maybe reduce the butter? There wasnt a whole lot of sauce remaining the dish when I was through. ::shrug::

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