Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'm a Convert!

Its true. I was skeptical at first, but then I found it for cheap and now I am in heaven! I am speaking of coconut water of course. :)

I went to La Fiesta, a market that carries traditional products from Latin America and ended up purchasing several different versions of coconut water. The two in the cans had added sweeteners which tacked on about 50 additional calories to the product, but in exchange they also had chunks of coconut. As my mom knows I love to play with my food so the fact that I could play with the coconut bits made my day! I also found a cheaper version of Zico and it didnt have the weird floral flavor either.

I have to warn people reading this: coconut water does not taste like coconut milk. Coconut water is not creamy and has a slightly perfume-y taste. You are supposed to drink it chilled and it actually tastes better cold than it does warm.

I have been drinking the coconut water after my workouts and I feel like it actually does rehydrate me better than plain water. Whether it actually does or not I suppose is beside the fact if I feel like it works. The natural sugars in it gets rid of the shakes I get sometimes experience after my work outs.

Of the four versions I have tried (one isnt pictured), I liked the flavor of El Mexicano the best but will probably go with the cheaper version of Zico (I forget
the name) as it doesnt have any added sugars and consequently has less calories.

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