Friday, October 5, 2007


Green coconut water anyone? I dont mind if I do, thank you!

I ran into this interesting product at the local health food store and since I had been on a coconut milk kick I figured coconut water had to be just as good. Interestingly, coconut water is significantly less fattening and bad for you. The flavor is entirely different and you dont get that same creaminess, but it is quite refreshing and apparently full of electrolytes.

There are a couple of flavors of the ZICO product. I tried the orange and passion fruit variety. The added flavors are so extremely subtle that you might miss them altogether if it didnt mention them on the box. They who have created or, perhaps more apt, those who have marketed the product compare the beverage to a more healthy sports drink. To me it tasted like a fruity tea and while I probably wouldnt seek out ZICO in the near future, I wouldnt hesitate to pick it up instead of, say, gatorade.


Ben said...

try coconut juice. it's pretty much the cheapest drink ever and it usually has little pieces of coconut in it too. my grocery store has it and my local asian store has about 5 different brands of it.

shelly said...

Hi Sarah! Thanks for stopping by our blog...your Gnocchi looks amazing!!!

Patricia Scarpin said...

Coconut water is HUGE here in Brazil. It's delicious and really good for you.
I have never tried it mixed with other flavors, though.
And when I'm sick (or others in my family) with stomach flus and things like that, we had lots of coconut water to keep the body hydrated.

John R. Ferrell said...

For you cooks out there, you can substitute Zico for nearly any recipe that calls for water to add a mildly sweet, unique flavor. It was the hit of the weekend at this year’s Cook Eat Drink Live event in Manhattan. Cook Franklin Becker of Brasserie called it “the find of the weekend” at the gourmet food event.

Zico Pure Coconut Water’s naturally high potassium content makes it the perfect addition to mixed drinks because it adds a mildly sweet flavor and helps to fight hang-overs.

John R. Ferrell
Zico Operations Manager