Monday, July 28, 2008

Long Over Due

Its true...this food blog has been dormant for a while now.
After the craziness that resulted in me earning my Master's degree I set out to make some wonderful dishes. The problem was, I was burnt out. I was done with typing, done with schedules, done with deadlines, and done with submitting things - even for my own projects. This fact was not aided by the pathetic produce available at the farmers market and so I went dormant.
I spent some time in Peru and in Los Angeles and I havent cooked in ages so I am itching to get started again. I am newly inspired by some tofu dishes I played around with before I left the country and have a renewed interest in the flavors of Peru. This next year holds much promise in the arena of fabulous food.
Be patient, new entries are coming...

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Obsinguod said...

It is good to hear having fun in Peru pulls priority over doting on food. For handy reference though, I thought I'd speculate wildly!
-Challenge of using GPS and site dig grid on very very steep slopes: pretty high even with digicams
-Colleagues confusing current data with Tomb Raider site assets: awkward!
-Ratio of snakes, toxic flora, wacky growth of arbitrary geological age, military presence, tribes, and conmingled(era) sites to ones day-trippable from Purdue, a similarly-named location: Billionish.
-Ratio of edible fermented foods less than 4 hours old in diet: ?
-Energy available to take photos of what you eat: ?

So do you miss branded stuff much? Or are you eating at the Hilton while a fat month of conferences happens and Polynesian colleagues regale you with Yoohoos and Moon Pies somehow made better, and you refuse State Department jobs from non-UN-States? Oh this is so offtopic! But thanks for dipping back.