Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tropical Tapioca

So first I was too busy to post and now I am just enjoying my temporary freedom from having a schedule too much to remember to post. Its not that I havent taken pictures, but I just dont quite make that next step of letting you all know about it. Well, I am making the effort now, and thats what you should care about.

I was in the mood for tapioca. Yes, this particular mood strikes every now and again, but seeing as I hadnt worked out in about two weeks I wasnt about to make the completely fattening (but oh-so-tasty) egg custard tapioca. I instead opted for large bead tapioca with coconut milk. I had it over some surprisingly wonderful tasting papaya which made for a healthy dessert.

I would not recommend serving this cold because the coconut milk tends to harden back up and feels pretty granular on the tongue. That being said, the papaya should also be at room temp (yeah I learned that one the hard way ::shudder::).

Tropical Tapioca

1/2 cup large bead tapioca
1 can full coconut milk
zest and juice of one key lime
1 papaya
salt to taste

Soak the tapioca in water over night.

Simmer the tapioca in the coconut milk until the pearls are clear.

Add the lime juice, zest, and salt.

Serve over fresh cut chunks of papaya, or other tropical fruits.


ShopLittleGifts said...

Wow that looks delicious. I love all things with fresh lime or lemon. The texture of the tapioca with the flavor of sweet papaya - must be yummy. Nice!

Beverly said...

Oooh, you know how much I love tapioca! And I love papaya. I bet this would be good over ripe mangoes, the little yellow variety that they're selling at Costco right now. Mmmm, mmm, mmm!

Hey, you owe me an email ...

Syrie said...

Sarah, your photo is lovely and the recipe sounds delicious. Tapioca and papaya and two of my favourite things! Gee, I sound like I'm from the sound of music. thanks for sharing.

Uncle Dee said...

Very nice! Here in Singapore, they do the same dessert but with additional sweet potatoes and a fragrant pandan syrup. They call it BurBur ChaCha. I swear that's exactly how it's pronounced.

Cool blog.

Anonymous said...

This recipe looked delicious but the lime was too much. We threw the whole thing out.

Steve No_ said...

Freaking awesome; and time I started enjoying the decent asian grocer coverage around in Overland Park, KS; any brand tips on coconut milk, or Nata à Coco?

Moreover, can you let loose what the headliner sage is used for? I have it on duty as cologne and occasional dining meat apotheosis, but that's as far as I get....

Steve No_ said...

Oh, that was lime rind! Neat touch w/o pandan syrup around. Please let me on to what brand coconut milk is best and clue me into what happened to Nata a Coco (a fermented and jellied coconut dessert) so I can ask for it at the asian grocers?

I also want to know what the blog headliner sage is used for! Occasional dining meat apotheosis and cologne is all I got, so far. You've (likely) already smoked a spring goose to a crisp in a microwave using some sage, toothpaste packages and low-power defrost mode.