Monday, September 3, 2007

What do I do with Tamarind Chutney?

Someone sent me this wonderful Tamarind Chutney (either mom or dad) but I have no idea what to do with it. Anyone have a clue? Can marinade with it or have it be a component in a sauce? Help me out because its too good to waste.


papin said...

Tamarind chutney is often used in Indian food. Some typical uses are in a snack called Bhel Puri. The khajur imli chutney can be replaced by the tamarind chutney you have. If you can't find the other ingredients, the sev is a chickpea spicy fried noodle, and the green mango is there for some tartness, so something like an unripe peach. Another use is as a sauce for samosas, a fried triangular pastry filled with peas and potatoes.

Sean said...

It makes a fine marinade for grilled pork or chicken and would pair well with your mint!

It sounds as if you are having some sourcing problems here in Lafayette.

I can probably help.

srmcnern at purdue dot edu

Banquet Chef

Sarah C. said...

I do recall having the tamarind sauce on samosas back in LA. I unfortunately dont make them here since there is a really good indian place in town.
But, I will have to try it as a marinade then.