Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Great Mint Event - Part 2

As I wasnt about to skimp on the mint I had purchased upon finding a suitable supply, I just about bought out the store! I had read about a mint and feta quiche on one of the many fantastic and enlightening blogs on my daily list. Actually I think the mint and feta idea had been thrown around by a number of bloggers due to the great combination of fresh summery flavors. Not familiar with making quiche, I set out to make my first. The results were staggering! It turns out I am quite the quiche maker. ;)

Mint and Feta Quiche with Grape Tomatoes

1 sheet pastry dough

20-30 grape tomatoes

6 eggs

1/3 cup heavy cream

1/3 cup mint diced

1/4 cup basil diced

1 shallot sliced to
your liking
black pepper to taste*

1/2 a package of crumbled feta

*warning: do not add salt to the eggs since the feta is typically sufficiently salty.

Coat your dish with oil or butter and line it with the pastry dough. Lay out the grape tomatoes in a pretty pattern. Combine the eggs and cream and beat lightly. Add the mint, basil, shallots, and pepper. Pour into the pastry dough. Sprinkle the top with a hearty amount of feta cheese.

Pop the whole thing in the over at 350 for 20-40
minutes depending on the depth of your eggs.

The tomatoes are nice little packages of favor and keep the quiche extremely moist. I will definitely be doing this again and since it turns out so pretty its perfect for brunch company.

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