Sunday, September 9, 2007

I Have An Enormous Green Thumb

I am joking about my green thumb. An archaeologist by trade, I really do prefer dead things. That said, I purchased a palm tree for my apartment for two reasons: 1- Every girl from Cali should have a reminder of home and 2- my apartment really needed a change from its burnt orange color scheme. That was back in the beginning of August and my dad still calls me to see if I have killed it yet!

Well, not only is my palm tree doing quite well thank you! but the basil that I stuck in a vase about a week and a half ago has started to sprout roots like it was supposed to. I read about how to keep basil fresh on several blogs, Mental Masala being just one (sorry I dont remember who you other worthy mentions are). I figured I would give it a shot. Worst case scenario I have a bag-topped vase of basil on my counter for a week; no biggie.

Fortunately for both me and my basil, one of the stalks of basil in my little $2 Target bud vase has sprouted roots. HE WANTS TO LIVE!!!

Now, if someone has a more attractive way of keeping the leaves warm other than the plastic baggie, please wont you just drop me a line. :)

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tigerfish said...

I don't have the tiniest green fingers so I don't grow any plants at home. I think the palm fits nicely at that corner in your house. :)

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