Friday, August 24, 2007


Yesterday I made my Poblano and Tomatillo Potato Salad, but this time I didn't really have all the ingredients. As is my typical style, I do not let lack of ingredients get in my way, at least not if I have something somewhat similar to substitute. This time I think I actually did myself a favor and made the same salad with the same great flavor with less fat. Crazy, I know!

I was out of green onions so I substituted some shallots instead. Although the shallots were good in it I think the green onions added more flavor somehow. Maybe next time I will try adding chopped red onion.

The fat-saving bit happened because I wanted to use of the rest of the plain yogurt I had painstakingly drained last week before it went sour on me. The yogurt, of course, was a substitute for the sour cream. I have to say, both the consistency and the appearance did not suffer from the swap. Go yogurt!

As a strange coincidence, the poblanos I was able to get at the farmers market in Lafayette were much smaller than I am used to. I don't know if in this instance size made the difference, but the poblanos were fairly spicy! I think that the spice interfered with the flavor because I actually like the roasted flavor of the chilies over the spicy flavor.

Sorry, no photos this time folks (not that mine are any good) but you can see what the original looked like by following the above listed link.

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