Sunday, August 5, 2007

Easy-Peasy Recipe #1

Oftentimes I find that I get wrapped up in cooking fancy recipes that use a multitude of ingredients that I, of course, have to purchase on my grad student budget. Oftentimes, my budget isn't big enough for it all, but what do I do? Do I sit on my couch and pout? NO!

I remember that it doesn't have to be so complicated, demanding, and expensive. Thats when I make one of my backup recipes that takes no time, few ingredients, and creates leftovers. Every ingredient in this recipe is an item I have stocked at all times.

Easy-Peasy Recipe #1 - Tacos

1 baggie of frozen ground meat of your choice (in this case I have turkey)
1 80z can of tomatoes (diced, pureed, whole, or sauce - whichever you have)
Packaged taco/burrito/enchilada seasoning (again, whichever you happen to have)
Tortillas (optional)

Brown the meat until its halfway cooked. Add can of tomatoes and sprinkle seasoning packet over the cooking meat. Stir to combine and finish cooking meat completely.
Build your taco/burrito any way you like. I like to add beans, leftover rice, cheese, and cilantro. At this point it is a good idea to throw in stuff that you have in your fridge that might not be good in a few days. For me, this means I may add lettuce and fresh tomatoes and, if I am not planning on using that last lime for my tequila, then I might top the whole thing off with fresh lime juice.

The best thing about this meal is that the leftovers are great with eggs.

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