Sunday, November 9, 2008

Our new place...and other things to look forward to

Hi there! So, things have changed a bit since my last posting. Its true, the boyfriend has altered my schedule and I am just now thinking of entering recovery. :) Normally I would update my blog while watching episodes of the West Wing on DVD but that obviously doesnt happen now.

There is something good (for you) that is coming out of the new boyfriend business. First, I/We will be cooking more regularly which may translate into more posts. The boy is learning to cook too which could supply some interesting entries. Second, we are moving into a new place together! Not only does it have a full dining room, but it has soooo many more windows*. As any foodie who has tried to photograph their creations knows, natural light is a huge plus. In my current apartment I only have windows on one side of the place while the new place has windows on ALL FOUR SIDES!!! Basically, there is a greater chance that the pics will be gorgeous and worthy of posting on the web. Also, we will have a guest room/office and I am seriously considering turning part of that space into a makeshift photography station for when I cook later in the day or when the weather is crappy (which is often here in Indiana). My friend S dabbles in photography and has offered to help me out...I am hoping she can teach me more about my camera. Anyways, we dont officially move in until the new year but already we are already anxious to fill the new place with wonderful aromas.

The months ahead promise a plethora of reasons to post. Here is a short list:
1) I am dying to try the roasted cranberry sauce from this months Saveur magazine.
2) I will be home for Thanksgiving which means that I will be around for the annual cookie-making extravaganza. Basically my aunts and my mom and I all meet at Aunt J's place and make an obscene number of cookie batches from a variety of recipes. No doubt the photos from that event will prove druel worthy.
3) My boy J will be visting for a week in LA before Christmas, providing an excuse to eat at all my favorite restaurants. Bamboo Song Vietnamese, Rosalinda's Ethiopian, Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles, LA Farmers Market Crepes, India's Sweet and Spices, La Capilla Mexican, Mitsuwa Japanese Market, and In'n Out are all on the list!

Life will still be busy, perhaps even more so, but I have high hopes to make a return to the bloging world (hopefully more successfully than my last attempt). I have been missing all my foodie friends!!

*Technically we only get access to the first floor and basement of this place. And YES that is an enclosed sun porch attached to the rear of the house!


Pam said...

Sigh. I long for windows in my apartment. Congrats on the move!!

And I'm with you. I'm dying to try that cranberry sauce - and I don't even like cranberry sauce!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! A new post. Do you want to do that cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving?? We are doing a different sauce may be ok!


Beverly said...

Sarah!!!! I'm so glad you have returned to blogging. I love your new place! I was very, very, very agog at your HOUSE until I read your footnote. Whew, OK, now I don't feel like such a loser. This is going to be so great for so many reasons!

I can't wait until you and the Boy are out here. I know you already have all those restaurants on the list. Don't forget to make room for me, Johnny and Jack at one of them, OK? :)