Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My Tamarind Marinated Pork Chop

A while ago I asked you all what to do with a jar of tamarind chutney that I happened to find in my cabinet. I am still not certain where it came from but I am happy that it was there. Due in large part to my laziness, I decided to use the tamarind chutney to marinade a couple of pork chops. for accompaniment I purchased some flat bread and made cilantro jalapeno hummus based on a recipe from 28 Cooks.

There is no recipe here to share. I simply added about 4 tablespoons of the tamarind chutney to a baggy and zipped it up overnight with the pork chops. The next day I sauted them for 4 minutes a side (perfectly, I must say). The tamarind must have had some sugar in it because the sauce turned dark on the meat and I thought I had burnt it, but it didnt taste burned at all and the meat really was a perfect texture.

For the first dinner I ate the pork chop proper with the hummus and pita on the side. The next day for lunch I heated up the pork, sliced it, coated a pita with hummus, and added the meat. I think I like the wrap version better. Not sure why.

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RDGV said...

That looks sooooo goooooood!!! Now I know what I want =)