Tuesday, September 25, 2007

End of Summer Berries!

In the spirit of everyone else's blogs, I too will comment on the end of summer produce...especially apt since it is now fall. :( I will greatly miss my cherry tomatoes from the farmers market and my massive bunches of fresh basil. I will also miss the cheap berries. I know I will still be able to get all of these items, its just that I will have to surrender more of my grad student budget to the produce section of the local grocery store. ::shudder::

Here is just a little idea of how I treated myself this morning. Granted, I was still working, hence the article as backdrop, but I decided I deserved some berries and cream. As I write this, I am eating pasta with cream sauce and I wonder how it is that I am not big as a house! I digress. These berries were probably the best looking ones that I had all summer. They were large, plump, and sweet without being over-ripe. Most of my summer berries end up too mushy for a good photoshoot. Anyways, the heavy cream was just the dressing they needed.

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