Saturday, August 11, 2007

To the Geniuses at Andes Mints: You Rock My World!

Lately I have been slightly obsessed with Andes mints. It all began with an innocent visit to Culvers Butter Burgers and Frozen Custard. After my burger I ordered the equivalent to a DQ Blizzard only I had Andes Mint bits mixed in, something not available at DQ. It was freaking amazing. Of course, it helped that the frozen custard hit the spot at the time also.

On my first grocery store excursion since returning to Lafayette, I spotted Andes Mint bits in the baking isle. Woohoo! Well, I had no idea what to do with them. For the last few days I have been topping my vanilla ice cream with them and that had been making me pretty happy, but still, I wanted more.

My friend K went to the store and brought back brownie mix for me. I
figured that if topping ice cream with the mint bits was good then topping something chocolaty with them would be even better. I whipped up the brownie batter, sprinkled the bits over the top, and stuck the sucker in the oven. When I took them out the mint aroma from the oven made my eyes water it was so strong! After waiting about, oh, five seconds for them to cool, I dug into find out how they were. Fabulous, of course!

Needless to say, my curiosity was perked and I spent the next day scouring the web for Andes Mint recipes.
I found the Andes Mint website and they have some drool-worthy suggestions for certain.

The geniuses at Andes Mints figured out that you could bake brownies like you normally would and stick the mints on top once they are out of the oven. The heat from the brownies will melt the mints and by simply running a knife or spatula over the melted candies, a marble effect is created without any fuss! I think it is great that I can do something so simple and have it look like I slaved over it all day. Its all about appearance and reality, my friend!

Does it count for Browniebabe of the month if I used a packaged mix? I guess we will see!


Jean said...

WOW. I am desperately craving brownies right now... and definitely wondering why all brownies aren't coated in andes minty goodness.


Thanks for running the TasteSpotting badge too!

~ jean
(of NOTCOT and TasteSpotting)

Pam said...

Andes Mints are truly addictive. I love the idea of melting them over hot brownies, I'll definitely give it a try!

Pam said...

I just bought "Give in to Mint" ice cream by Dove, and it tastes very similar to Andes Mints. If you see it, give it a try!