Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Hasta la vista!

I am heading off to Mexico today and won’t return until July 25th. Its only two weeks but I will miss posting and reading comments. I will see if I don’t have time to sneak in a post here or there but for the most part I will be hip-deep in thorny brush and up to my elbows in artifacts. The great thing about this trip, besides the experience I will be gaining, is the fact that I will have to eat at some point. I will be gathering photos of the foods I encounter; hopefully they will be clearer ones than I have been taking up to this point.

Besides a marked improvement on the quality of the pictures I would like to post, I would like to start incorporating more recipes and stories about food cooked at home. This should be easier to do once I settle back into Indiana and may actually be enjoyable after I receive the box of goodies I am shipping to myself from the California Trader Joe's!

Well I am off to pack!

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